What We Do

When children are removed from situations of abuse or neglect, they are especially vulnerable. And, CPS caseworkers often have limited resources to provide for the pressing needs of the children in their care.

At Community Partners of Dallas, we provide for the immediate and urgent needs of children who are abused and neglected in Dallas County and encourage and support caseworkers.

Our efforts are focused on four key areas that help put these children on a path to healing.


When children enter the care of Child Protective Services (CPS), they often have only the clothes on their backs. We provide urgent resources that help restore children’s sense of safety and dignity. These might include a car seat or teddy bear from our Rainbow Room, Night Response Support or a warm coat or new backpack from one of our annual drives.


Each child in the care of Child Protective Services has unique needs to help them overcome trauma and begin healing. Through our Kids in Crisis Fund, we provide for highly personalized, critical needs like therapy, enrichment experiences, medical expenses, transportation and housing.

Childhood Experiences

We contribute to positive, affirming childhood experiences, letting children experience joy and celebrate holidays, sometimes for the first time. In addition to our annual Toy Drive and Easter Basket Drive, we also bring children bedtime stories through Storyline (214) 446-2222.

Caseworker Engagement

CPS caseworkers play a vital role in guiding abused and neglected children out of the shadows. Providing them with support and resources translates to better results for the children they serve. At our new center, we have created a first-of-its-kind workspace where caseworkers who primarily work out of their cars can find a quiet place to work, regroup and collaborate, as well as access resources for the children they serve.