Virtual T-shirt Contest

It’s time for the annual artwork contest to design this year’s Change is Good event T-shirt!

All artwork will happen at home and submissions will come electronically. Then the winning design will be displayed on the event shirt provided to every child registered for the event! Also all artwork submissions will be displayed in our virtual gallery in conjunction with the event on Sunday, March 7th.

This year our Change is Good mascot, Piggy, is launching into outer space! As your think about ideas for your artwork you could consider change, coins, money, the words “Change is Good”, a pig, a pig in space, rocket ships, aliens, planets, stars, astronauts, rovers or anything else that reminds you of space!

Important Rules

Calling All Parents

We hope you’ll join the design contest fun! Thank you for your support!

Honorary Chair Family

Emily and Nicholas Haddock
Beatrice, Iris Anne and Stinson

Honorary Chair Family

Amy and Patrick McEvoy
Grace, Ford and Georgia

Chair Family

Lynette and Nate Christensen
Elsie, Thomas and Luke

Chair Family

Travis and Brynn Dent
Brooklyn and Blake

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