Child Stories

Meet Cruz

7-year-old Cruz was found barefoot and alone walking in the grass along the access road near the interstate. He was malnourished and crying and had jumped out of his car after his stepfather pulled over to take out his rage on the boy during a physical altercation. Cruz had no idea where he could go but knew anything was better than staying in the car or being cooped up at home with his abusive stepfather while his mother was in rehab. His stepfather took out his frustrations on the boy while his mother had been gone. He was scared and hesitant when help arrived, and he pleaded with the caseworker to not send him home.

Cruz’s caseworker brought him to the Rainbow Room at Community Partners of Dallas where he was able to pick out new clothing, brand-new shoes and school supplies to take with him to stay with his mother’s cousin. Cruz is excited to start school again and enjoys playing backyard soccer with his cousins.

Meet Victoria

Five and a half-year-old Victoria was a joyful little girl until her mother died and she went to live with her father and his new wife. Victoria’s stepmother never wanted someone else’s child and often beat Victoria and locked her in her room while she then left for hours. CPS investigated when a neighbor called the police about a child being left alone one entire weekend. They found Victoria trapped in her bedroom, the lock on the outside of her door bolted so she could not escape. She hadn’t eaten in days, and she had bruises and welts that ran the length of her spine. Victoria was removed from the apartment and after two days at Children’s she was placed first into foster care.

Today she lives with her aunt and cousin in East Dallas and when she moved in with them, Community Partners was there to help with a bed, a car seat and more. Victoria’s turned a corner in finally trusting her new family.

Meet Frederick

Frederick was found in a burned-out trailer on the outskirts of Dallas. The man in the neighboring trailer had gone to investigate because his wife thought a bobcat was howling and she was afraid for their pets. Frederick was found crying, naked and alone – just a few days old with part of his umbilical cord still attached. The CPS Night Response unit was called and took the tiny baby to the hospital where CPI/CPS caseworkers stayed with him round the clock, taking shifts and time away from their own families to be with Frederick.

After a few days of loving care from CPI/CPS caseworkers, that million-watt smile and Frederick charm won over the entire hospital. Community Partners of Dallas provided clothes and everything he needed. Soon a foster-to-adopt home was found and now Frederick is safe and has a forever home.