About Us

Child abuse and neglect are dire and widespread problems in our community. They traumatize children and can overwhelm even those with the resources and best intentions to help them. This is why Community Partners of Dallas was created.

Our mission is to provide what abused children urgently need today to thrive tomorrow.

Community Partners is where anyone who cares about these precious children can make a meaningful difference in their lives. We were founded as a nonprofit in 1989 as a way for the community to support the work of Child Protective Services (CPS) in Dallas County. Since then, thousands of caring individuals, companies and organizations have joined with us to meet the needs of 20,000 abused and neglected children annually. Community Partners remains the first and only nonprofit to address these specific needs in Dallas County, and our programs have been replicated by more than 155 cities across Texas.

We are here, every day, with what these children need for the first steps to healing. Seemingly small things can make a big difference for a child recovering from abuse and neglect – a car seat for a ride to safety, a bed in a home they can trust, or the first holiday celebrated in years. By providing for their basic and individualized needs, we can send the message someone cares and open the door to healing.

Equally important to our mission is our role in encouraging and equipping CPS caseworkers. A child’s chances of finding a safe and loving forever home significantly increase when caseworker turnover is reduced. Supporting caseworkers in their critical and ceaseless work is not only right but essential to bringing healing to our community’s most vulnerable children.

Join us in our vision to help children prevail over abuse and neglect by getting involved today.