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Community Partners of Dallas
1215 Skiles Street
Dallas, Texas 75204
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Phone: (214) 624-7557
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Community Partners of Dallas 2016 Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Jennifer Evans Morris, Chair
Stephanie Stollenwerck, Secretary
Francie Mancillas, Treasurer
Elizabeth Gambrell, Development
Nicola Hobeiche, Nominating
Shawn Cleveland, Programs
Candace Winslow, Parliamentarian

Board of Directors

Monica Austin
Thalia Sarris Banowsky
Cathy Barber
Charlie Bogan
Katie Botik
Joseph B. Clark
David Diamond
Mary Anne Dunne
Sally Dutter
Eric Evans
Rebekah Feather
Kirsten Gappelberg
David Kitner
Carolyn Laurence
Noelle C. LeVeaux
Todd Massey
Kelley McDonald Schadt
Greg Nieberding
Eric Peay
Valerie Prowell
Ellen Smith
Mersina Stubbs
Laura J. Ward
Bo Wilson

Paige McDaniel, President & CEO