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Welcome to Storyline! Children love hearing stories, but not every child has someone to read to them. By volunteering your time and talent to Storyline you will bring more than a good story to the listener, you can give them encouragement and brighten their day!

Storyline is a program that utilizes adult volunteers to have stories read and recorded on a phone line that anyone in the public can call to enjoy the very important learning experience of being read to aloud and reading in general. Our adult volunteers pick a day and are assigned a story to read from a provided and approved list.

Children benefit greatly from this program. Reading to a child not only makes them feel special and cared for but there are educational and social benefits as well! Children who are read to develop their vocabulary and are more likely to become avid readers! Learn why your services are so important.

The recording process is simple and becoming a volunteer is easy. Storyline provides children an easy way to hear a story from a kind voice, an opportunity that some children never have. Storyline can be accessed at anytime to listen to a story simply by calling (214) 446-2222. Community Partners of Dallas feels that Storyline is an excellent way to make children feel special, smart, unique and loved.


Special thanks to Altrusa International of Downtown Dallas, Inc. for their generous support of Storyline.