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Community Partners of Dallas
1215 Skiles Street
Dallas, Texas 75204
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Phone: (214) 624-7557
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Community Partners of Dallas serves more than 20,000 children a year through four unique programs:

  • Rainbow Room, an emergency resource center providing critically-needed items for children in the care of CPS
  • Kids in Crisis, provides funds for children's clothing, transportation, therapy, enrichment activities, housing and medical expenses
  • Caseworker Appreciation, events that are held to show appreciation and gratitude to caseworkers
  • Storyline, (214) 446-2222, a phone line that children can call 24 hours a day to hear a story

Community Partners of Dallas is funded through private donations. All programs of Community Partners of Dallas are designed with the caseworker and victim of abuse and neglect in mind. Each program has a deliberate goal and purpose and evolved directly from the needs identified throughout the agency history.

Community Partners of Dallas' programs have been replicated across the state, with both the Rainbow Room and Adopt-A-Caseworker programs currently underway in nearly every major city in the state of Texas.